Nike’s Reign In the NBA

It’s finally here and I’ve been waiting so long for this time. The Nike contract for NBA jerseys is here. The 2017-2018 season will kick off with Nike taking over with their overall design of all NBA jerseys. Nike came out with the press release today giving us a little snapshot of what the jerseys will look like. 7 total uniforms but mainly 4 for most teams.



Nike has had my eye since they started making the Men’s Olympic Basketball Team jersey. I loved those jerseys so much, just the design and everything stood out. It was so different from what Adidas had ever put out. Just imagine what the all-star jerseys will look like now. The first two jerseys are your standard home (The Association) and away. (The Icon) The other uniforms have been hinted at as throwbacks, some specialty to that team, and more that Nike is yet to release.  Take over and wow me Nike, Just Do It!


On average, NBA players travel four miles per game. Rather than a smoothly sustained effort, their movements are typically contained to 1.6-second bursts, tallying hundreds of tiny directional changes over the course of a game. This kind of constant motion reflects the free-flowing nature of the sport and underscores the importance of a lighter and more flexible uniform silhouette.

In order to achieve these goals, Nike tuned the uniform design to the rigors of this increasingly intense 82-game season by employing 3D-body maps of players, including heat and sweat maps. This research led Nike’s designers to make significant changes to the weight, fit and construction — with special attention to enhancing agility.

NBA players, including members of last summer’s gold medal-winning USA Basketball team, tested an early version of the uniforms and provided specific feedback, requesting even more adjustments.

“The mental advantage of a quality uniform is priceless,” said Kyrie Irving. “The fact that Nike listened to all of our feedback while developing the new NBA uniforms speaks volumes, I’m excited for the new fit and feel.”

This insight prompted the designers to move the armhole, neck and side seams to eliminate distractions for athletes. The most significant change comes to the back shoulder of the uniform, where Nike designers altered the construction of the jersey.

Additionally, the hemlines on the bottom of both the jersey and shorts were modified to allow for full range of motion.

“When you look and feel good, you play good,” said Draymond Green. “I welcome any competitive advantage on the court and the new Nike NBA uniforms deliver on the feedback that we’ve provided.”

The uniform is comprised of a combination of Alpha Yarns (details) and recycled polyester (each athlete uniform represents approximately 20 recycled PET bottles). Not only does this yarn blend match Nike’s broad commitment to sustainability, it also removes moisture more quickly than previous NBA uniforms — wicking sweat 30% faster than current NBA uniforms resulting in a 15% quicker drying time.—Nike


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Is It Curtains for Draymond?

Well, the draft was last night and it was the best draft I’ve ever seen. Not, because of the draft itself, but because big time trades were being made too!! One move I’m going to talk about that may lead to another big move in the NBA. Anybody heard of Jordan Bell? No, well I’ll get back to that.


The Warriors that team with all the firepower all the defense. Yeah Yeah Yeah those guys that added Durant and won Rings this year. Well, it’s time for players to get paid. In my previous article, I laid out that Iggy’s contract is up, Klay is due, and Steph is due. The numbers are crazy Steph 200 Million range, and Klay the 90-100 Million range. What to do? There are so many options and so many variables. Who might take less to stay this and that on and on lol.


So, I’m watching the draft and the Warriors pay 3.5 million to the Bulls for this guy. They take this kid Jordan Bell 38th pick out of Oregon(Ducks). I’m intrigued at this point so I look up some film and everything on Bell. I’m looking at the film and I’m seeing this guy swat and swat everybody’s shoots, layups, and dunks. Bell is 6’9, 227 lbs.’, PF, Age 22.5, Record of 32-6, he is the reigning NCAA Pac-12 Defensive Player of the Year, made the All-Defensive Team, and the All-Conference 2nd Team, Record for Blocks with Oregon. I thought to myself who on the Warriors does that sound like that’s getting paid big money??


Jordan Bell Swat Attack

Mr. Draymond Green step into my office we need to renegotiate your contract. That 85 Million well, you want to stay take a cut or you can be traded. We have a young guy locked down that can do your job now. He’s looks better on the floor, more athletic, has a better offense game, and doesn’t come with the headaches. Enter Jordan Bell your replacement now or for the future. Draymond has four years left making 15-16 million dollars a year. Now, Iggy said he’d take less, Durant is saying he’d take less, Draymond your turn buddy.


These darn Warriors not only draft right, but they have free agency on lock too. Man, if they can pull this off and keep this team intact. We’re looking at a dangerous team for at least the next 1-2 years. My Cavs better hurry up and get Melo, plain and simple. It’s the only play the Cavs have left. They need a guy that can play down low, shoot, and has his own dribble. Melo is the only option left.





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Warriors Setting Up for Repeat

First let me start off by saying #CavsNation lol. Yes, that’s my team and they suffered a setback this year. Warriors added the man with the plan that couldn’t be stopped in this offense. The Warriors offense was made for KD, it’s the perfect system that he never knew existed. He was the factor that pushed them over the edge, over the hump and broke the Cavs’ back.


Golden State Warriors’ Kevin Durant (35) is guarded by Utah Jazz’ Joe Ingles (2) in the second quarter of their game at Oracle Arena in Oakland, Calif., on Monday, April 10, 2017. (Jane Tyska/Bay Area News Group)


Before KD arrived, his game was totally different there is a reason he got the name the, “Silent Assassin.” He seemed to defer on plays and sit-back a little more than he needed. He had the better lethal game and the best take over the game, right? The other thing you could say about KD he didn’t play D+Fense a ton. He seemed awkward on and unsure on defense a lot of the time. I thought it was because of his build and length.


Then Pow this Warriors offense where everybody is sharing and deferring the basketball. It’s perfect for Durant it’s like adding butter or sour cream to a baked potato, but I knew that would happen. No surprise there; but what shook me was Durant playing great defense. Getting blocks, chasing down players, jumping in passing lanes. I had to keep looking is this the same cat on the court? Who is this guy? Indeed, Durant has arrived, the best fit for him we see now.


So, they won the title, but what about next year? People must get paid. Curry and Klay are up for paydays or moving on. Who in their right mind would leave this team? So, there are some early reports that Curry could get top money around 5-years 200 million dollars. Klay, I could see around 5-years 90-100 million dollars. Already there are ESPN reports that Durant and Iggy (Andre Iguodala) might take a cut to keep this team intact.


GM David Griffin


I’m not thrilled as a Cavs fan and I’m not sure the Cavs can match that roster. I’ve said Kevin Love must go, get Melo in his place to play.  More reports are saving Paul George and Jimmy Butler are in play. The thing is you’d need both to make up for what the Cavs are missing. Now, the Gm David Griffin for the Cavs is gone/out the door! I’m so unsure of this team for next year. The Warriors though seem to be ready to sacrifice to get this dynasty rolling.





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The NBA Told Lebron to Take the Night Off

Let’s be serious, I’m confused and upset by that last game. I don’t care what everybody is saying about how Boston played hard and defense was great. I say bologna!! They blew these guys out by 50 points last game and then suddenly the same plays Lebron was running on them for three games they can stop? I smell something fishy.


People were upset about the game being unwatchable, mostly because of Lebron. You didn’t hear anyone stating any of this business about the Golden State Warriors. Maybe because they weren’t demolishing the Spurs. I’m not too sure. I just know over the television and social media the Cavs were getting blasted because the game was so one sided. I made the statement the NBA should stop paying these bums in the league so much money. Then your superstars are taking less money to team up. That makes a ton of teams outmatched because you have all these high-paid bums starting or coming off the bench.


“We lost because they have Lebron, the best in the World,” said Brad Stevens. No, you lost because your team is subpar, let’s be serious. You lost because your players aren’t as dedicated to the game. Adam Silver the Commissioner of the NBA came out and said there is no issue with how the regular season and the playoffs have been taking place. So, go away, folks if you can’t handle blow outs. The big matchup is coming and it’s the best two teams and that’s what I want. It’s starting to turn into an old-school rivalry between the Cavs and the Warriors.

I absolutely believe the league told Lebron to ease back on the gas and stop humiliating the Celtics. It just doesn’t make any sense at all for the last game to take place as it did. If I agree with this thinking though; and like others already think. Then is my sport that I love impure? Is that what I’m saying, or do I want stay in denial. Which would mean that the Cavs and Lebron came out like bums for a night?


Well, the game is tonight and I’m very interested to see what happens. How they come out and play, and how Boston looks. Then also now Golden State has had more time off than you. I guess it doesn’t matter much maybe the Cavs will still get a week off. Maybe it doesn’t matter to Lebron, because he knows what they must do at the end of the day. Rant is over now!


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That Boston 2008 Championship Reunion

Shout Out to KG’s Area21 an offshoot of the NBA on TNT crew. It’s less news, more basketball, more basketball players, and real. I’ve been checking it out for a while. To have the guy with the craziest basketball intensity to be running a cable television show talk show. I thought, “Oh, Lord!” There’s a reason he has a big dump button right next to his seat!! I love the show though, especially last night’s episode.ovqw3h4eILEE1jBD

After Shaq was done in Miami I didn’t have a team I was going with. I’m an overall analytic guy of the NBA though. When the Big Three trade happened of Kevin and Ray going to Boston, I knew the game would forever change. I became a Celtic fan quickly; I knew the ability of all these players. I’ve watched the film of all of them in their solo careers. I thought about all the, “Endless Possibilities.” They went on to be a great team for years.

May 5th, 2017 on KG’s Area21 we witnessed a reunion of the great Boston Team that won the Championship in 2008. We had Kevin, Rondo, Paul, Perk, and Big Baby. Doc Rivers even made an appearance via Skype. It was a great time and everyone talked about their experience after leaving and things. Then the elephant in the room was brought up, No Ray Allen. Being a Boston fan I always knew ultimately it was Ray that was in the wrong. His insecurities and being able to talk about them are what caused the riff in Boston. Then he just jumped ship, you know the story.


All the guests on the show even stated that they had no hard feelings. It wasn’t about the basketball aspect; it was the miscommunication that he caused. I side totally with Perk, it’s on Ray to come to them. If Ray felt slighted and he’s good out there, then he should just say it and get it over with. Stop hiding, it’s been too many years and he’s still holding grudges. Even further proof is the photo he posted today on Facebook. It is causing even more rumbling than ever.


Ray just have a sit down and get it off your chest. Stop being childish!!

Update: May 9th 6:30 P.M. CT

Ray Allen’s publicist has come forward to say that Ray Allen’s Facebook page was hacked and then unverified. It wasn’t Allen that posted the picture of him versus Rondo, while playing for Miami. I call bologna!


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I Love Musecage!

Everybody grew up with some form of knowledge or viewing of Sesame Street. Well, I grew up viewing it a lot, seeing as we only had regular antenna television for a while. Ernie was my favorite character, but I got a little older and respected Oscar the Grouch.

I’m much older now and many things have changed. Most of the greatest players in the NBA are gone. Including 8/24 Kobe Bryant, I had a hate/love for this guy. Top ten greatest NBA player, Fifth greatest Laker. It’s been a while since he retired and I wondered, “What is he up to lately?” Then boom all over SportsCenter and all over social media is Kobe.


Kobe and Little Mamba

We are introduced into his version of Sesame Street, “Canvas City.” Musecage is brought into the picture and Little Mamba. I’m watching this and I’m loving this little snippet. If I had a little baller son I would sit and watch this show every morning with him. Let him watch this and color while I pack his lunch and get him ready for school. Watch Part 1 & Watch Part 2. This is prime-time father and son bonding time. Son gets the character building, emotional and logically reasoning. Dad gets the analyzation of the game (NBA Plays) the SportsCenter like action we crave.  I legit think he has found a nugget of gold with this.

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Dirty Dancing 30th Anniversary & Remake


With the Dirty Dancing 30th Anniversary that came out in theaters January 29th, also rumors of a reimaginging was in the wind. Except this time they were real and they are concrete now. has the latest news and some post production photos of the, “remake.” It will be more than just telling the same tale though, this musical will dive deeper into the characters. The director is Wayne Blair and it’s written by Jessica Sharzer(American Horror Story). Our favorite characters are back Johnny Castle(Colt Prattes) and Baby Housman(Abigail Breslin). Fans have been waiting on something like this for 29 years!! Now, they will finally get it!


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Picking Back Up Soon

Hello, everyone. I’m not sure if your a follower or subscriber or ocassionally like my blog. I want to say, “I’m sorry.” I haven’t been able to continue my blog like I would like. Life has become a little more hectic. Although in a good way, I’m currently writing and reporting for one of the best newspapers in my state. It’s great and I love it, but it requires a ton of my time. I’m going to try and keep good stuff rolling again pretty soon.


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The Reason Behind Cavs’ Guard NEEDS!

Hey, were here again. So you’ve probably heard that the Cavs were in desperate need for guard for some odd reason. Well J.R. Smith broke his hand was the report, they were talking months. I didn’t think they needed someone so bad. J.R. and his wife came out with this video and it seems we won’t see J.R. for a while. Prayers for the family.

Liggins the 2011 draftee has been playing some great defense. On


Mike Dunleavy

the offense side he hasn’t shown to really be an option. But he has been hindering some top guards in the league, I’m impressed. Then I noticed Dunleavy in 23 games with two starts; is averaging 16 minutes a game, 4.6 points, and 2 rebounds. That’s not much, with what the other players can offer. (Source)


Alas, the Cavs make a trade for Kyle Korver from the Hawks for Dunleavy. Korver is a better all-around shooter, not as good on the defense though to me. This is a guy you can’t leave open. With the ability to get the ball to shooters the way Lebron and Kyrie can I smell blood in the water.



Then Marc J. Spears reports that Dunleavy wasn’t reporting to the Hawks yet and everyone is shocked. I wasn’t shocked at all, Dunleavy has his own money and he’s only making around 2 million this season. He wanted to stay with a contender, the Cavs seem like a pretty good contender. Wink. Wink. Dunleavy and the Hawks had many talks and finally Dunleavy decided to report. So glad because that doesn’t break up the deal and now the Cavs have a huge pickup.


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ZaZa is a JOKE All-Star!!

The first results for voting are in and I’m outraged!! This is why they are limiting the fan vote, and probably why it will be limited more in the furture. The fact that Zaza is leading the west for Frontcourt players under Durant is retarded. What’s even more devestating is the fact that Zaza has more votes than half the super-stars in this league. C’mon man!!

Before this result came out my other article explains my pain with the fan vote over the years.


Eastern Conference


1          LeBron James (CLE) 595,288
2          Giannis Antetokounmpo (MIL) 500,663
3          Kevin Love (CLE) 250,347
4          Joel Embiid (PHI) 221,984
5          Carmelo Anthony (NY) 189,817
6          Jimmy Butler (CHI) 189,066
7          Kristaps Porzingis (NY) 184,166
8          Paul George (IND) 138,332
9          Hassan Whiteside (MIA) 72,628
10        Jabari Parker (MIL) 64,141


1          Kyrie Irving (CLE) 543,030
2          Dwyane Wade (CHI) 278,052
3          DeMar DeRozan (TOR) 253,340
4          Isaiah Thomas (BOS) 193,297
5          Derrick Rose (NY) 129,924
6          Kyle Lowry (TOR) 128,940
7          John Wall (WAS) 87,360
8          Jeremy Lin (BKN) 59,562
9          Kemba Walker (CHA) 52,122
10        Avery Bradley (BOS) 32,822

Western Conference


1          Kevin Durant (GS) 541,209
2          Zaza Pachulia (GS) 439,675
3          Kawhi Leonard (SA) 341,240
4          Anthony Davis (NO) 318,144
5          Draymond Green (GS) 236,315
6          DeMarcus Cousins (SAC) 202,317
7          Karl-Anthony Towns (MIN) 125,278
8          LaMarcus Aldridge (SA) 101,724
9          Blake Griffin (LAC) 100,524
10        Marc Gasol (MEM) 97,370


1          Stephen Curry (GS) 523,597
2          James Harden (HOU) 519,446
3          Russell Westbrook (OKC) 501,652
4          Klay Thompson (GS) 293,054
5          Chris Paul (LAC) 173,830
6          Damian Lillard (POR) 117,857
7          Eric Gordon (HOU) 76,609
8          Manu Ginobili (SA) 65,832
9          Andre Iguodala (GS) 64,247
10        Zach LaVine (MIN) 53, 642


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