Blake Griffin: Missing In Action??


Is Blake Griffin overrated? Too much hype? NBA Stuntman? Just a dunker? Worst game as a forward? These are the things people told me are true about Blake Griffin after he went down, “Blake Griffin!”

Wednesday, July, 11th during  practice Blake went down with a left knee injury, later reported as just torn cartilage. It was a day before the Men’s Olympic team were to play their first exhibition game against Dominican Republic. Many people aggressively stated we didn’t need Blake anyway, and that, in fact,” he’s only good at dunking.” A statement that appalled me greatly and totally is disrespectful and untrue!!

Here’s what Blake is to me in one phrase, a jumping athletic, double-double, dunk machine. He’s 23, 6-10 (ht) 251 (Lbs), a perennial all-star forward for the NBA Clippers in his second year. For a career so far he plays for 37 mins, averages a double double, 21 points and 11 rebounds, he shoots over 50% for field goals, one of the best at his position. This year he helped carry his team to the Western Conference Semifinals where they were knocked out eventually by the Spurs.

Most of Blake’s points do come from incredible dunks, high flying alley-oops, and layups. This is the argument of most people, but he’s young, and his main attitude is throw the ball in the air and I’ll go get it. He’s working to improve his game even more from just those things, by developing an outside jumper and better low post play. How can you say this guy isn’t talented and a great player?

Now, when it comes to the Olympic Team, he tried out and was selected as starter by Coach K. Many players that were supposed to be on the roster are currently injured from the NBA season. Players such as D. Wade, D. Rose, and BIGS such as Dwight Howard and Chris Bosh. The roster is missing most of their bigger players height wise 6-10 and up, which makes them undersized against the more competitive Olympic Teams. To address this issue Coach K decided the team should be super athletic, lengthy, somewhat tall, fast players. The average height of the team is 6-6, with only two players being 6-10 and up, Blake would have made that three. Sounds like a need for him on this team to me, the coach and other players also agree.

The first exhibition game came July 12th and they replaced Black with a just drafted rookie 6-10 Anthony Davis. The Dominicans posed no threat to the US Men’s team. getting soundly beat even from the first possession. The US won by 54 points, and I thought okay that was a good game. I knew they’d show dominance since the Dominicans were a smaller, less experienced basketball team, with one NBA player on their squad. Then yesterday July 16  the US had their second exhibition game against Brazil, a team with BIGS and four NBA players. I knew it would be a greater challenge for the US Men, and a preview of how they would handle a team with taller players.

The first quarter Brazil got into a great start pounding US inside and with pick and roll baskets. The US missed way more shots than they should have, and squandered many open DUNKS and LAYUPS!! In comes my argument, Blake doesn’t MISS DUNKS OR LAYUPS, he hovers way over the rim and pounds balls into the hoop!! They certainly could have used him then, if he, “Quote unquote” only does those things!! C’Mon people he is a great piece that would have worked out greatly for the team. Lebron came to the rescue though, by scoring 30 points and the team won 80 to 69!!

Okay, to each their own though, I like Blake as a player, he’s a young up and comer with lot’s of promise. Never said he was the best in the game, not even the best at his position. But he could have greatly helped the Olympic Team win some more gold. Hopefully in the future that will happen and I can watch some more greatness from Blake!! You people can miss me with that nonsense one trick pony bullshhhhhhhhh, bit** a** MOFOS!!!!



About Rodzrd

Just a guy that loves basketball, used to play as a sponsored three on three team, here I express my feelings about news or debates I had about basketball!! Here and there I'll hit some other sports too!! Also I'm an Uber fan of everything Anime, Pop-Culture, and Japanese-Culture.
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