The Pairing of Kobe and Nash: Kenobi!!


Some of you might still be confused by the Lakers acquiring Steve Nash and how they can fit together. Well don’t worry this might be the greatest Laker team ever assembled since the Shaq and Kobe days. It’s been kicked around SportsCenter ever since it happened and everyone’s had their say except me! I’ll fill you in why this works so great, even with a some X’s and O’s.

Nash is one of the greatest guards at the Pick and Roll basketball and a future hall of famer. He’s a dribbling, double-double  machine; with last season’s averages of 15 points a game, 11 assists, while shooting over 50% percent. He’s a seven time all-star, and although old, with a semi bad back, he’s still a great player for any team. When not in Pick and Rolls, he loves to dish to his BIGS, and he shoots the 3 ball as well as anyone in the league.

Now, Kobe we all know, the Black Mamba, 1st reincarnation of Jordan, or depending on how you see it the only reincarnation of Jordan. He may finish as the second best baller ever, only second to Jordan. You name the award Kobe’s won it or he has the overall top numbers for almost everything.

The Lakers haven’t had a quality guard to go with Kobe since Derek Fisher had hair, basically for a long time. Now a days Kobe has to handle the ball way more than he should, cause of poor point guard play. Defenders are on him like a hawk anyway, then with him handling the ball it’s intensified two-fold. Nash will handle the ball, dribble up the court, look for open looks, check on Kobe, and if nothings open he can create his own shots or drives to the basket. It’s a two prong attack that won’t impede each other  much like Lebron and Wade, because their games are so similar. Kobe gets his shots anyway, but now he’ll be more free, for more quality shots and drives to the basket.

Assuming that the starting lineup will be Kobe, Nash, Metta World Peace, Pau Gasol, Bynum. That’s your 2 guard, point guard, forward, power forward and center. Seems to me Metta will be more of a spot up shooter mid range to 3 pointer, with Nash getting him better quality shots. Now Pau is the lynch pin for this all working, because between Bynum and Pau; Pau is the more athletic BIG, than can run the floor, pass, and shoot the jumper. Nash and Pau will be the ones doing the Pick and Rolls, it gives four options. Nash can go around Pau for a jumper or a drive to the basket, the opposite of that is Pau gets the pass for a freed up mid range jumper, or he gets a clear back pass for a drive and  dunk. Pau is soo big you can’t see Nash over Pau or around Pau, so you either lose Nash or he gets just that much separation from a defender.

Although Bynum’s situation is a little different, he’s less mobile than Pau, and doesn’t run the floor as much. Meaning he will play his traditional center roll. He’ll be looking for a lot of alley oops, lobs, and passes for dunks. Nash loves to get his BIGS involved immediately in these ways. When those easy baskets aren’t available Bynum can still go to work on his defender, with dream shakes, jump hooks, backing his man down in the paint and flat-out dominating. Bynum arguably is the best traditional center in the NBA, how can you stop these two BIGS now, I don’t think you can. Man this gets my blood pumping hard, anticipating the next season, and having anxiety!!

Finally, how do you feel about the Kenobi Situation? Lol, yeah or the Kenobi Experiment, I’m silly. Kobe wants to retire soon, he wants one or two more rings. Nash wants his first ring and then he can retire soon also, sounds like a good plan to me. The Lakers seem to me to be the ones posing the highest threat against the Miami Heat repeating next season. The Lakers will come out the West and dominate a lot of teams next season. Not a Laker fan, but man you can’t deny this is a really good team and roster. I’ll be watching intently next year  boys,  go get those rings!!


About Rodzrd

Just a guy that loves basketball, used to play as a sponsored three on three team, here I express my feelings about news or debates I had about basketball!! Here and there I'll hit some other sports too!! Also I'm an Uber fan of everything Anime, Pop-Culture, and Japanese-Culture.
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2 Responses to The Pairing of Kobe and Nash: Kenobi!!

  1. Shawn Ricks says:

    Lakes maybe making smart moves with addition to nash and possible with dwight, (that’s still in pending) but never count out OKC out of the race yet. You know they gonna be back in the playoff picture in round 2 giving them some problems. As for Miami building up with ray ray, shit i hope they don’t win nothing. (yea i’m hating) Boston had that series locked on 7 and just gave that up. I’m lookin to see what BK Nets can do on that growing unit.

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