Jersey and not Jersey Shore!!

   I’m happy when I see great things, and you should too. I said to myself one day as I was thinking about the USA Men’s Basketball Team Jerseys. “These Jerseys are soo clean, crisp, and not cluttered, they look professional, and they look like they work well for their job.” What more can I say about these jerseys? Kamisama (God in Japanese) I want one!! Then I thought about the NBA, and I said, “Why don’t the NBA All Star Jerseys look this good?” There could be a number of reasons and I don’t have all the answers, but I have a few answers.

    First off the NBA is a business and they need sponsors and other revenue. They need to go with companies that although good might not charge them the, “High Dollar!” All of their uniforms must be made by the same company and even the All Star uniforms, which are somewhat separate, but still under the NBA!! An Olympic team really doesn’t need sponsors, because it’s a 50/50 deal and it’s from that country not a business. I want the best products and I’ll personally show your products to the world. Businesses are lined up to get something with the Olympics attached to them every four years. Such is the case with the Men’s USA Basketball Team.

Second the NBA All-star Game was created to promote the NBA even more as a business by getting fans involved and showcasing the best, most talented and most liked NBA Players. It’s a fun event for everyone for the most part; although I look at it much more serious than others. I can understand why the jerseys then need to be bold, glittery, and more like circus attire. Sometimes those jerseys are sooo bright you can’t read the names on the back of them. They really don’t look like they’re as functional as they should be to my sight.

Third those USA Basketball jerseys are the, “Truth,” like Paul Pierce. Lol, shout out to my team Boston Celtics!! It’s USA Basketball; it’s about representing our great country. From what I know it isn’t about glamour, but, “Duty,” said Kobe. It’s about promoting basketball as a SPORT from a country to country. Not an individual showcase, or showing off talents per say!! They seem to want the best coaches, best equipment, best everything to get these athletes to where and how they should be daily. There are also a little bragging right too, but that’s not that serious. They had the nerve to wear throwback jerseys also from the 92 team in the July 22nd exhibition game against Argentina, which Lebron posted on the net!! That’s how good the jerseys have been for sooo long!!

“Throwback uni’s for tonight’s game. USA92! Hyperelite2012!” said Lebron.

   Some would think that the main reason why these Jerseys differ soo much is because two different companies make them. For a long time Adidas has made all the uniforms for the NBA. The regular NBA season and playoff jerseys are always great: they don’t change much, the technology goes up on them and that’s all. The All Star Jerseys though change every year, and the design is always altered based on the city the event is held in, thus producing the sideshow jerseys, like WWE Uniforms!!
















Now, on to Nike maybe the best in Sportswear and Active wear in the World. They are the makers of the Olympic Basketball Teams uniforms. Great jerseys four years after four years cause the Olympics are every fours years! They try to infuse as much technology into the jerseys as possible, and use as much insight from the players as possible. Can you tell that they are made with 98% recycled polyester from an average of 22 recycled drinks bottles? I sure can’t, but that’s what Nike says, the jersey just looks completely battle ready to go to war on the court!!

Finally, I can hope and shake my head, but that won’t change anything I think. The Olympic Jerseys will always be great; forever and ever I can look forward to that every four years. I hope that the All Star Jersey one year will be good or great like they did in the 80’s and 90’s.Maybe the NBA will switch contracts and go with Nike one day, which would be awesome. I doubt that though, from generations of being good partners, David Stern wouldn’t let that fly. We can just sit back, wait, and enjoy what we have now!!


About Rodzrd

Just a guy that loves basketball, used to play as a sponsored three on three team, here I express my feelings about news or debates I had about basketball!! Here and there I'll hit some other sports too!! Also I'm an Uber fan of everything Anime, Pop-Culture, and Japanese-Culture.
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