Off the Dwight Howard Band Wagon!!

Dwight Howard aka the newer version of Superman, after Shaq Okayed everything. I just wanted to let you know I’m off that band wagon. Dwight is a dominate center and a great athlete, might even be a good person too; but I’m not there with you guy, sorry!! The Dwight situation was poorly handled by himself and the people that are supposedly assisting him with his affairs. If you don’t know, Dwight wanted out of Orlando and finally he got his wish, but we all had to witness the stupidity and unprofessionalism from him.

I’ve watched and waited for a lot of trades to happen and this was by far the worse one. You may say oh, he’s a big name target: superstar, all-star, all defensive player of the years, best center in the game. I say okay and I give you all of that, it’s all factual but there’s no excuse. Dwight Howard had a contract with the Orlando Magic, everyone has a contract, that’s how you play and get paid in the NBA. He and his team signed the contract, meaning you read it over and agreed with Orlando. That’s how contracts work.

What I don’t understand is okay you know you have one year left in your contract. Dwight had an entire two years to start brainstorming his plans for the future in Orlando. Key word BRAIN, which he seems to lack, he had two options, very simple, players have been using them for years. We all know Dwight wanted out of Orlando, who wouldn’t when they build teams of scrubs. As a whole Orlando is a bad organizational basketball team, the front office does nothing to put together a good roster.  Their drafting is horrible, their trades are horrible, and they don’t coach up/raise young players. That’s a setup for failure in the NBA. You could say oh, but they’re a small market team, no you can’t when you have Dwight putting you on the map.

So Dwight wanted out, and everyone knew that the best place to go at the time was Brooklyn New York. The New Jersey Nets were bought and moved to Brooklyn by Mikhail Prokhorov and Jay-Z the new owners. Top of the line new facilities and gym were setup and ready to go, a lot of work was in place. They wanted to start fresh, and most of the roster was up to be shipped out, minus the great point guard Deron Williams recently traded there. Everything was falling into place for Dwight; a big market team had wide open arms for him, with the readiness to put together a good team. Might I add not just any team, a team that will compete for championships!

Orlando brought a contract extension to Dwight, and he turned it down, obviously he wasn’t happy there. So he could have opted out of his contract for the final year and went to the Brooklyn Nets, even helped in the move to the new gym. After much pressure from owner s Rich DeVos/Bob Vander Weide and general manager Otis Smith at the time, Dwight finally opted in to play, on the condition that Coach Stan Van Gundy be fired and possibly Otis Smith also. Lol, Stan Van Gundy is a really good coach by the way, he just doesn’t know how to handle superstars, which always leads to him getting fired!!


Howard played and played well, Orlando was looking like for a good run in the playoffs until Dwight had a back injury. The team fell apart all the suckage that all the other players are really showed with no Dwight.  Soon after he got his wish, Stan was fired and Otis Smith quietly resigned/ got fired lol!! So Dwight were does that leave you, in limbo, that’s what indecision and letting people bully you into making a decision gets you. So Dwight started demanding a trade at this point, he fully wanted out and really fast. Dude you could have been out might have saved you from an injury also; they say back injuries change a player forever. Ask Steve Nash and Tracy Mcgrady and you’ll get all the answers you need, because they haven’t been all stars since!!

Now, Dwight must leave on Orlando’s terms, so they decide where he goes mostly. The Nets make an offer that I thought was really great. They tried for an entire week to get Dwight, and Orlando didn’t like the deal for some idiotic reason.  So the Nets had to go elsewhere and make things happen, Dwight’s BEST OPTION WAS OFF THE TABLE. I thought to myself where else can you go, but Dallas, LA, and Houston.  Dallas is a bad team now; they unloaded most of their talent, bad choice. Houston a small market team, but with Lin now on the team, seemed like an okay option.  Best option was LA, now with one of the best point guards in the business Steve Nash, alongside best player in the NBA Kobe; but how would that trade go down?

Finally the Dwight Saga was over with a four team trade, that left Orlando with sloop, and Dwight gets to wear 12 for the Lakers. Man when this news came out I thought that’s insane the Lakers shipped out their promising 2nd best center in the NBA Andrew Bynum. The trade takes Dwight to LA, were he lives in the off season, a big market team, most storied franchise, with a lot on the line. It’s officially a BIG FOUR team with Kobe, Dwight, Nash, and Gasol, how can you beat that really?!! Two questions: is Dwight going to be solidly healthy, and how will they mesh together? Well, I hope your happy Dwight; you made some of the dumbest moves in the history of the NBA. Lol, I should be your agent because all of that made no sense, I could have done a wayyy better job. Add the Lakers to my list of top teams to watch next season!!


About Rodzrd

Just a guy that loves basketball, used to play as a sponsored three on three team, here I express my feelings about news or debates I had about basketball!! Here and there I'll hit some other sports too!! Also I'm an Uber fan of everything Anime, Pop-Culture, and Japanese-Culture.
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