Lakers Became Fakers!!

An All-Star Lineup 2012-2013

Oh, the Lakeshow, how the mighty have fallen!! In a season plagued by bad coaches, injuries, old players, and bad systems  what are the Lakers to do?

You know all the turmoil the Lakers have been having, and even though they have an all-star lineup it still doesn’t amount to much. They are currently 20-26 in the win to losses column, not even in the playoff picture right now. For goodness sake they are behind the Portland Trailblazers in 10th best place in the West. Now, it’s possible to catch up, they’re still in the hunt, there’s another half of the season to go.

It’s going to take all the power and Micheal Jordan blessing that Kobe has to bring this team back into the light. Kobe has been playing outstanding all season and doing whatever he has to, to keep this team going. Always a leader, showing by example first, putting his foot in people’s A**ES, the Kobe System!! He even backs Mike D’Antoni the coach, a terrible coach by the way, at least Kobe publicly doesn’t agree with me. “Keep hustling Kobe, you the man!!”



I really don’t see them making the playoffs though. I’ve watched too many games were they couldn’t close out opponents  even opponents with worst records. How can you beat the upper echelon of teams when you can’t even stop the SUNS?!! Even if they did manage to get into the playoffs, the Lakers can’t win a seven game series against any of the top ten in the west. Their starting lineup is more unhealthy and old than I even thought, and the bench isn’t much better at all either. Wow, I haven’t even seen one Lakeshow comment in a while lol, that Lake is silent no ripples in the water!! Even their number one fan Jack Nicholson is fed up and leaves games early and broken.

Alright, Lakers All-Star break is almost upon us; win a couple more games. Then you can rest, relax, regroup and try to leapfrog into the playoffs!!


About Rodzrd

Just a guy that loves basketball, used to play as a sponsored three on three team, here I express my feelings about news or debates I had about basketball!! Here and there I'll hit some other sports too!! Also I'm an Uber fan of everything Anime, Pop-Culture, and Japanese-Culture.
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