Rudy Gay Goes to Jurassic Park!!

On more than just a flight!! Rudy Gay

As a fighter and warrior your given a primary weapon and then your secondary weapon. In medieval times you had a long sword and then your smaller version. In our time(modern time) you have an assault rifle and then your pistol or sidearm. When your primary weapon is unavailable or you need to finish your opponent in a close range; you need your smaller weapon, which is just as lethal.

That’s what the Memphis Grizzles just gave away in Rudy Gay. He was their finisher, high flyer, and closer. He’s not the two bigs: Z BO and Marc Gasol, or even the point guard; he’s the in-between glue talented lethal mismatch for any team they played against. Yeah the Grizzles had a salary cap issue and they didn’t want to pay the luxury tax to keep him. Well now you no longer have a beast of a playoff team in the west. Good luck the rest of the season to you guys in Memphis. The only knock against Rudy Gay is that he hasn’t always been healthy, which probably keeps him from being an all star, and he’s only been in the league for 6(not full seasons) seasons. Sounds just like the Harden trade OKC made earlier this year doesn’t it, LOL!!

Now, Rudy is in Toronto, a Raptor, good for him. He’s now more of the number one go to guy with a less talented team. The Raptors are one or two years from becoming a playoff team in the East. With Rudy it gives them that extra firepower, somebody that will go to the hole, and not just a wing player. So far he’s averaging even higher points with them and I think it’s a good fit and move for the Raptors.

Rudy Gay now a Raptor.


About Rodzrd

Just a guy that loves basketball, used to play as a sponsored three on three team, here I express my feelings about news or debates I had about basketball!! Here and there I'll hit some other sports too!! Also I'm an Uber fan of everything Anime, Pop-Culture, and Japanese-Culture.
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