Cavs Will Win Handily

They have had a week off, plenty of rest, were never really tested. They are the Cavaliers and I’m referring to the sweep in the first round of the Pistons.

Now, second round is here tonight 6 o’clock central 7 o’clock eastern. The Cavs face the Atlanta Hawks in a best of four games. The Hawks are coming off a tough series against Boston that went 7 games. My prediction is that the Cavs will over match and over skill this team every game. If it’s not a sweep I’ll give the Hawks one game to win.

Here’s why, the Hawks are pretty much the same team as last year. While the Cavs are going to look a bit different in size and talent. The Cavs have the advantage in size, talent, and defense. First off they don’t have anyone on the roster that can guard Lebron. Although Thabo Sefolosha will probably guard Lebron every game.  He used to be a lock down defender before New York’s finest police injured him. Lebron will still be a mismatch for anyone guarding him he can blow-by, post-up, and shoot over them at will. Kyrie Irving with the new shoes is unguardable, Teague will have his hands full every game. The skills of Irving are unmatchable, as long as he gets rest and stays healthy.

kevin love 2016

But here’s the real difference Kevin Love, who went down with the shoulder before facing the Hawks last season. He is healthy and dangerous: a baller, rebounder, posterizer, double-double machine. They have some guys the Hawks have some guys that can guard him but most of the game he will be open or free since most of the eyes will be on the bigger two superstars. With Tristan Thompson to back him up on defense in the low post all he has to do is go to work offensively.

Last Year Playoff Highlights: Cavs vs. Hawks

Then the bench of the Cavs is better also, they still have big man Mosgov who will get more minutes this series. Feisty lock down guard Dellavedova will bring a spark, break down the defense, and give you a couple of three-pointers. Shumpert, Jefferson, and Channing Frye are both good defenders that can shoot the ball. Let’s not forget the hottest three-point shooter on the team J. R. Smith will have the green light again.Even coaching wise Tyronn Lue is better than the Hawks.

Even with Brian Windhorst’s Report that Lebron’s Jumper is broken. We can see him get better as the playoffs go on, watch out.


Bottom line the Hawks don’t stand a chance.


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Just a guy that loves basketball, used to play as a sponsored three on three team, here I express my feelings about news or debates I had about basketball!! Here and there I'll hit some other sports too!! Also I'm an Uber fan of everything Anime, Pop-Culture, and Japanese-Culture.
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