Priority NBA Christmas Day Game List

Ah, it’s the winter season and with that comes: snow, trees, lights, sounds, gifts, accidents, joy and sooo much more. Christmas is almost here actually in less than 24 hours and with that comes NBA CHRISTMAS DAY GAMES!! Here are the five games as I list them by priority.

GSW at CLE, 2:30 pm ET on ABC- The warriors vs. Cavs the rematch of the century from last season’s NBA Finals. The Cavs won the championship after coming back; down 3-1 in the best of seven series. Now with the added edition of Kevin Durant to the warriors they could be a formidable team. Lebron and Co. are missing a few members, but that is no excuse. This is the TOP GAME!!

BOS at NYK, 12:00 PM ET on ESPN- Celtics vs. the Knicks. This game is only rated this high because of the controversy with Melo. His ringlessness and the book that George Karl just came out with stating that Melo is overrated. The Knicks do have a good team on paper and seem to click every now and then. The two team’s records are super close so boom there.


MIN at OKC, 8:00 PM ET on ESPN- Timberwolves vs. the Thunder. I just love seeing Russell Westbrook play. Yeah the Min have rookie of the year in Townes, young Lavine (Dunk Master), and Drew Wiggins. Westbrook though is just like what his team is named after, THUNDER! Min’s record is trash though and they’re missing a dope point guard that can shoot. WESTBROOK…..

CHI at SAS, 5:00 PM ET on ABC- Bulls and Spurs. Spurs are dominating lately again, ever so quietly. Second best in the Western Conference and they’ll probably finish there. Same group minus the biggest acquisition in Tim Duncan; who’s number they just retired. The Bulls look like a team that needs to gel, Rondo can’t keep himself in the lineup. Whether he’s doing dumb things or injury they need him on the court. This team only works with Rondo being the playmaker and letting D. Wade and Butler fly and shoot from anywhere on the court.

LAC at LAL, 10:30 PM ET on ESPN- Typically you only care about this game if you live on the west coast, live in L.A. or Kobe is playing. So this game is the least of enjoyment for me, plus it starts stupid late. The Clippers are the better team though; they are minus Blake right now. Blake is a let-down this year, I miss old Blake. The Clipps just aren’t fun to watch, the offense never makes sense to me. The Lakers are the Lakers, young squad, I just want to see Larry Nance Jr. put somebody else on a poster. Reward the big man if he runs the floor! This game is a throwaway!

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