That Boston 2008 Championship Reunion

Shout Out to KG’s Area21 an offshoot of the NBA on TNT crew. It’s less news, more basketball, more basketball players, and real. I’ve been checking it out for a while. To have the guy with the craziest basketball intensity to be running a cable television show talk show. I thought, “Oh, Lord!” There’s a reason he has a big dump button right next to his seat!! I love the show though, especially last night’s episode.ovqw3h4eILEE1jBD

After Shaq was done in Miami I didn’t have a team I was going with. I’m an overall analytic guy of the NBA though. When the Big Three trade happened of Kevin and Ray going to Boston, I knew the game would forever change. I became a Celtic fan quickly; I knew the ability of all these players. I’ve watched the film of all of them in their solo careers. I thought about all the, “Endless Possibilities.” They went on to be a great team for years.

May 5th, 2017 on KG’s Area21 we witnessed a reunion of the great Boston Team that won the Championship in 2008. We had Kevin, Rondo, Paul, Perk, and Big Baby. Doc Rivers even made an appearance via Skype. It was a great time and everyone talked about their experience after leaving and things. Then the elephant in the room was brought up, No Ray Allen. Being a Boston fan I always knew ultimately it was Ray that was in the wrong. His insecurities and being able to talk about them are what caused the riff in Boston. Then he just jumped ship, you know the story.


All the guests on the show even stated that they had no hard feelings. It wasn’t about the basketball aspect; it was the miscommunication that he caused. I side totally with Perk, it’s on Ray to come to them. If Ray felt slighted and he’s good out there, then he should just say it and get it over with. Stop hiding, it’s been too many years and he’s still holding grudges. Even further proof is the photo he posted today on Facebook. It is causing even more rumbling than ever.


Ray just have a sit down and get it off your chest. Stop being childish!!

Update: May 9th 6:30 P.M. CT

Ray Allen’s publicist has come forward to say that Ray Allen’s Facebook page was hacked and then unverified. It wasn’t Allen that posted the picture of him versus Rondo, while playing for Miami. I call bologna!



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