The NBA Told Lebron to Take the Night Off

Let’s be serious, I’m confused and upset by that last game. I don’t care what everybody is saying about how Boston played hard and defense was great. I say bologna!! They blew these guys out by 50 points last game and then suddenly the same plays Lebron was running on them for three games they can stop? I smell something fishy.


People were upset about the game being unwatchable, mostly because of Lebron. You didn’t hear anyone stating any of this business about the Golden State Warriors. Maybe because they weren’t demolishing the Spurs. I’m not too sure. I just know over the television and social media the Cavs were getting blasted because the game was so one sided. I made the statement the NBA should stop paying these bums in the league so much money. Then your superstars are taking less money to team up. That makes a ton of teams outmatched because you have all these high-paid bums starting or coming off the bench.


“We lost because they have Lebron, the best in the World,” said Brad Stevens. No, you lost because your team is subpar, let’s be serious. You lost because your players aren’t as dedicated to the game. Adam Silver the Commissioner of the NBA came out and said there is no issue with how the regular season and the playoffs have been taking place. So, go away, folks if you can’t handle blow outs. The big matchup is coming and it’s the best two teams and that’s what I want. It’s starting to turn into an old-school rivalry between the Cavs and the Warriors.

I absolutely believe the league told Lebron to ease back on the gas and stop humiliating the Celtics. It just doesn’t make any sense at all for the last game to take place as it did. If I agree with this thinking though; and like others already think. Then is my sport that I love impure? Is that what I’m saying, or do I want stay in denial. Which would mean that the Cavs and Lebron came out like bums for a night?


Well, the game is tonight and I’m very interested to see what happens. How they come out and play, and how Boston looks. Then also now Golden State has had more time off than you. I guess it doesn’t matter much maybe the Cavs will still get a week off. Maybe it doesn’t matter to Lebron, because he knows what they must do at the end of the day. Rant is over now!



About Rodzrd

Just a guy that loves basketball, used to play as a sponsored three on three team, here I express my feelings about news or debates I had about basketball!! Here and there I'll hit some other sports too!! Also I'm an Uber fan of everything Anime, Pop-Culture, and Japanese-Culture.
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