Tonight, Tonight, Tonight, NBA!!

It’s back all the games all the time yes yes yes. I cannot wait the NBA season starts today with two classic games. Rematches of last season’s Western and Eastern Conference Finals. Cavs vs. Celtics and Warriors vs. Rockets. All the drama of the offseason, the Kyrie trade, no IT4 because of injury. Will Lebron even play, and you have Wade back the dynamic duo. Let’s not forget that Derrick Rose has been balling both those Chicago boys killing it.

Kyrie has been jamming too, still the offense threat one-on-one and off the dribble. Most shocking about him, I’ve seen him passing the ball a ton. I’m SOOO shocked, I immediately said these guys will be more of a threat than I thought. Now, we must see them down in the crunch time, and how they handle pressure with the game on the line to really judge.

Warriors are pretty much the same time everybody took less money minus Curry. They added the rookie, Jordan Bell, that I’ve spoken about before. The defensive threat that plays like Draymond. Now, the Rockets are all different they made some mega changes. Those changes will take a while to get going. CP3 at point guard and Harden at shooting guard and some extra pieces. They will have the most issue with team chemistry, two ball dominate guys.

Both games will be on TNT, yes! Because I have the League Pass, but you can’t watch NBATV on it. I’m still trying to figure out that one. I wrote up a piece on the 76ers that you can find HERE.  Merry NBA Opener Day!!



About Rodzrd

Just a guy that loves basketball, used to play as a sponsored three on three team, here I express my feelings about news or debates I had about basketball!! Here and there I'll hit some other sports too!! Also I'm an Uber fan of everything Anime, Pop-Culture, and Japanese-Culture.
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