Picking Back Up Soon

Hello, everyone. I’m not sure if your a follower or subscriber or ocassionally like my blog. I want to say, “I’m sorry.” I haven’t been able to continue my blog like I would like. Life has become a little more hectic. Although in a good way, I’m currently writing and reporting for one of the best newspapers in my state. It’s great and I love it, but it requires a ton of my time. I’m going to try and keep good stuff rolling again pretty soon.


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The Reason Behind Cavs’ Guard NEEDS!

Hey, were here again. So you’ve probably heard that the Cavs were in desperate need for guard for some odd reason. Well J.R. Smith broke his hand was the report, they were talking months. I didn’t think they needed someone so bad. J.R. and his wife came out with this video and it seems we won’t see J.R. for a while. Prayers for the family.

Liggins the 2011 draftee has been playing some great defense. On


Mike Dunleavy

the offense side he hasn’t shown to really be an option. But he has been hindering some top guards in the league, I’m impressed. Then I noticed Dunleavy in 23 games with two starts; is averaging 16 minutes a game, 4.6 points, and 2 rebounds. That’s not much, with what the other players can offer. (Source)


Alas, the Cavs make a trade for Kyle Korver from the Hawks for Dunleavy. Korver is a better all-around shooter, not as good on the defense though to me. This is a guy you can’t leave open. With the ability to get the ball to shooters the way Lebron and Kyrie can I smell blood in the water.



Then Marc J. Spears reports that Dunleavy wasn’t reporting to the Hawks yet and everyone is shocked. I wasn’t shocked at all, Dunleavy has his own money and he’s only making around 2 million this season. He wanted to stay with a contender, the Cavs seem like a pretty good contender. Wink. Wink. Dunleavy and the Hawks had many talks and finally Dunleavy decided to report. So glad because that doesn’t break up the deal and now the Cavs have a huge pickup.


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ZaZa is a JOKE All-Star!!

The first results for voting are in and I’m outraged!! This is why they are limiting the fan vote, and probably why it will be limited more in the furture. The fact that Zaza is leading the west for Frontcourt players under Durant is retarded. What’s even more devestating is the fact that Zaza has more votes than half the super-stars in this league. C’mon man!!

Before this result came out my other article explains my pain with the fan vote over the years.


Eastern Conference


1          LeBron James (CLE) 595,288
2          Giannis Antetokounmpo (MIL) 500,663
3          Kevin Love (CLE) 250,347
4          Joel Embiid (PHI) 221,984
5          Carmelo Anthony (NY) 189,817
6          Jimmy Butler (CHI) 189,066
7          Kristaps Porzingis (NY) 184,166
8          Paul George (IND) 138,332
9          Hassan Whiteside (MIA) 72,628
10        Jabari Parker (MIL) 64,141


1          Kyrie Irving (CLE) 543,030
2          Dwyane Wade (CHI) 278,052
3          DeMar DeRozan (TOR) 253,340
4          Isaiah Thomas (BOS) 193,297
5          Derrick Rose (NY) 129,924
6          Kyle Lowry (TOR) 128,940
7          John Wall (WAS) 87,360
8          Jeremy Lin (BKN) 59,562
9          Kemba Walker (CHA) 52,122
10        Avery Bradley (BOS) 32,822

Western Conference


1          Kevin Durant (GS) 541,209
2          Zaza Pachulia (GS) 439,675
3          Kawhi Leonard (SA) 341,240
4          Anthony Davis (NO) 318,144
5          Draymond Green (GS) 236,315
6          DeMarcus Cousins (SAC) 202,317
7          Karl-Anthony Towns (MIN) 125,278
8          LaMarcus Aldridge (SA) 101,724
9          Blake Griffin (LAC) 100,524
10        Marc Gasol (MEM) 97,370


1          Stephen Curry (GS) 523,597
2          James Harden (HOU) 519,446
3          Russell Westbrook (OKC) 501,652
4          Klay Thompson (GS) 293,054
5          Chris Paul (LAC) 173,830
6          Damian Lillard (POR) 117,857
7          Eric Gordon (HOU) 76,609
8          Manu Ginobili (SA) 65,832
9          Andre Iguodala (GS) 64,247
10        Zach LaVine (MIN) 53, 642


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Happy New Year 2017!!

Hi, everyone it’s awesome to have all of you onboard. To those not on board or a subscriber, you are welcome come on in. Here we are trying to bring the best content and enjoyment to everyone. I like to debate basketball, it’s my favorite sport. I converse and debate about it everyday! Now, you can too with me and others.

We’ve seen some great games in the NBA so far. Some real competitiveness our there on the court. New players coming to ball everyday. That Warriors team that isn’t last years team. We’ve seen the Derrick Rose of old, super vintage burst of speed. We see a Eastern Conference that is more competitive, and maybe a weaker Western Conference. That’s up for debate, lol. The MVP race: Lebron, Kyrie, Westbrook, Harden, oh my. The NBA All-Star is getting closer, go vote, like I did already.

2017 brings plenty of opportunity, and hopefully I can share those with you. Keep your fingers crossed I have some things in motion. Comment, like, and subscribe we are always here!! Wishing you the most!!

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The Two-Minute Report

The 2-minute report has been getting a lot of flak these last couple of days. It’s the report the NBA comes out with to state whether they/refs missed calls or fouls weren’t right and stuff. The latest instance came this week with the whining of Kevin Durant then with Lebron making a statement. They both stated they dislike the report, more so with Durant who said, “I think it’s Bull****!!” Well from a fan, analyst, and journalist’s perspective I love the report. When I watch a game and a crazy play happens I notice a bunch of things. Whether missed calls or calls that should have gone the other way. It’s bound to happen once every game; refs are human as we all make mistakes. The report shouldn’t be about changing the outcome of the game, or the other team should have won type stuff. If you blow a 14-point lead, maybe you’re not as good as you thought? Golden State. Basically, we need answers not the people on the court/ bench. Maybe not even the coaching staff. Coach and play the best 48 minutes and there shouldn’t be a problem.


2-Minute Report

Now, I really think there shouldn’t be a 2-minute report for the regular season. It’s pointless, yes the games are entertaining, but your team is trying to make the playoffs. That’s when games become really meaningful and you can’t take your foot off the gas. When your team can be sent home off one play, it’ll break you. Elimination! Season Over! So yeah, now that Christmas Game Cavs vs. Warriors was like a playoff game from tip-off. I knew it didn’t really mean anything, but some fans were hot about the last minutes of the game. Maybe Durant was tripped by Richard Jefferson, maybe he should have shot the ball instead of dribbling? The 2-minute report came out and said he was fouled, and Lebron should have received a technical for hanging on the rim. Alas a win is a win.

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Priority NBA Christmas Day Game List

Ah, it’s the winter season and with that comes: snow, trees, lights, sounds, gifts, accidents, joy and sooo much more. Christmas is almost here actually in less than 24 hours and with that comes NBA CHRISTMAS DAY GAMES!! Here are the five games as I list them by priority.

GSW at CLE, 2:30 pm ET on ABC- The warriors vs. Cavs the rematch of the century from last season’s NBA Finals. The Cavs won the championship after coming back; down 3-1 in the best of seven series. Now with the added edition of Kevin Durant to the warriors they could be a formidable team. Lebron and Co. are missing a few members, but that is no excuse. This is the TOP GAME!!

BOS at NYK, 12:00 PM ET on ESPN- Celtics vs. the Knicks. This game is only rated this high because of the controversy with Melo. His ringlessness and the book that George Karl just came out with stating that Melo is overrated. The Knicks do have a good team on paper and seem to click every now and then. The two team’s records are super close so boom there.


MIN at OKC, 8:00 PM ET on ESPN- Timberwolves vs. the Thunder. I just love seeing Russell Westbrook play. Yeah the Min have rookie of the year in Townes, young Lavine (Dunk Master), and Drew Wiggins. Westbrook though is just like what his team is named after, THUNDER! Min’s record is trash though and they’re missing a dope point guard that can shoot. WESTBROOK…..

CHI at SAS, 5:00 PM ET on ABC- Bulls and Spurs. Spurs are dominating lately again, ever so quietly. Second best in the Western Conference and they’ll probably finish there. Same group minus the biggest acquisition in Tim Duncan; who’s number they just retired. The Bulls look like a team that needs to gel, Rondo can’t keep himself in the lineup. Whether he’s doing dumb things or injury they need him on the court. This team only works with Rondo being the playmaker and letting D. Wade and Butler fly and shoot from anywhere on the court.

LAC at LAL, 10:30 PM ET on ESPN- Typically you only care about this game if you live on the west coast, live in L.A. or Kobe is playing. So this game is the least of enjoyment for me, plus it starts stupid late. The Clippers are the better team though; they are minus Blake right now. Blake is a let-down this year, I miss old Blake. The Clipps just aren’t fun to watch, the offense never makes sense to me. The Lakers are the Lakers, young squad, I just want to see Larry Nance Jr. put somebody else on a poster. Reward the big man if he runs the floor! This game is a throwaway!

For More of This Wonderful Info.

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Media Panel Added to NBA All-Star Voting

Good finally they’ve done the right thing. The NBA All-Star 2017, in New Orleans is soon upon us and that means voting time!! The NBA All-Star voting has been getting out of hand year after year more and more. I’m a fan turned media member so this hits home. The fan vote used to be the majority, until fans started voting horribly. Now the Pie has been divided more, for voting privileges. Per the NBA All-Star blog fans account for 50 %, coaches/players 25%, and new to the mix media panel members get the last 25%. This is a great improvement on the system, especially after last seasons voting.

I’m not the only one that was upset that Kyle Lowry made the All-Star team last season. Lowry got paid big money, played well for half the season through the All-Star game. Then he became trash, especially in the playoffs. Lowry was the anchor attached to the Toronto Raptors; he was non-existent. He was like global warming and the glaciers melted drowning the Toronto Raptors. One player everybody knows is hands done a better flat-out player than Lowry was overlooked. Kyrie Irving a champion ring-bearer now for the Cleveland Cavaliers. Now in Lowry’s defense Irving was coming off a knee surgery, limited games played, and limited minutes. Irving was coming back strong though and everybody knew it was just a matter of time.The coaching staff would soon let him loose.

I have been voting for years and years as a fan for the NBA All-Star. Every year the players that I picked always were in and others obviously thought like me. For the last 5-10 years though, guys are getting in that aren’t deserving at all. Why nominate a player that is hurt or injured, and everyone knows? Stop it. The other issue is, “Oh, a new guy is having a career-high year!” So what can he play that well an entire season?? We want to see the best on the field all at the same time, if we can’t see him on the court what’s the point of voting for him. Come on people, let’s get it together.

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Westbrook Out of The Shadows

If you didn’t know Kevin Durant moved on and went to the Golden State Warriors. Big Surprise huh? With his ties to Andre Iguodala and Steph Curry from the World Fiba Basketball of 2010. He’s teamed up with them, and he’s only there to win an or some championships. I digress, but now no Durant in Oklahoma, who’s left? Russell Westbrook, he’s sort of been playing as if he’s the Dick Grayson to Durant’s Batman. Now, out of the shadows he’s emerged as a one-man commando, he’s transformed himself into Nightwing. How about that?

Now, with Westbrook being the solo Superstar in Oklahoma City, you get to see him without the leash. He’s taking off, flying, dunking, defending, what is he not doing. I love seeing him play now, he’s a beast out there. Even though his streak of averaging a triple-double ended last night; only to tie with Michael Jordan himself. It’s not over by a long shot. Look to see him get big numbers in the All-Star votes this year. I mean the athletic ability he has is on par with the season Derrick Rose won the MVP. There’s a big case for Westbrook to win it this year, check it out OKC has two MVP awards to their credit now. Lol, it’s possible.

With his endorsements and commercials, he’s been in plenty and had plenty. Since, he’s gotten the big endorsement from the Jordan brand and from Jordan himself. Nike is the base of basketball sneaker wear, who signed Kevin Durant. Now, we have Westbrook under the luxury/high-class brand of Nike, which is Jordan. I love it and have you seen the commercials for the shoe yet? Oh, my you have to see them if you’re a basketball fan. When I saw one before the season started I said, “Game on Durant.” Seems each one is a different shot at Durant and his departure to be a role player.

I am more of a fan of Westbrook than I have ever been in years. I still need him to step his defense up another level, but he’s still better than the counterpart he had there. All of his effort will come to fruition this season and next. Watch out. It helps even more when the Western Conference looks the weakest it has ever in years. I wonder what a Westbrook and Kevin Love team up in OKC would look like??

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Cavs Will Win Handily

They have had a week off, plenty of rest, were never really tested. They are the Cavaliers and I’m referring to the sweep in the first round of the Pistons.

Now, second round is here tonight 6 o’clock central 7 o’clock eastern. The Cavs face the Atlanta Hawks in a best of four games. The Hawks are coming off a tough series against Boston that went 7 games. My prediction is that the Cavs will over match and over skill this team every game. If it’s not a sweep I’ll give the Hawks one game to win.

Here’s why, the Hawks are pretty much the same team as last year. While the Cavs are going to look a bit different in size and talent. The Cavs have the advantage in size, talent, and defense. First off they don’t have anyone on the roster that can guard Lebron. Although Thabo Sefolosha will probably guard Lebron every game.  He used to be a lock down defender before New York’s finest police injured him. Lebron will still be a mismatch for anyone guarding him he can blow-by, post-up, and shoot over them at will. Kyrie Irving with the new shoes is unguardable, Teague will have his hands full every game. The skills of Irving are unmatchable, as long as he gets rest and stays healthy.

kevin love 2016

But here’s the real difference Kevin Love, who went down with the shoulder before facing the Hawks last season. He is healthy and dangerous: a baller, rebounder, posterizer, double-double machine. They have some guys the Hawks have some guys that can guard him but most of the game he will be open or free since most of the eyes will be on the bigger two superstars. With Tristan Thompson to back him up on defense in the low post all he has to do is go to work offensively.

Last Year Playoff Highlights: Cavs vs. Hawks

Then the bench of the Cavs is better also, they still have big man Mosgov who will get more minutes this series. Feisty lock down guard Dellavedova will bring a spark, break down the defense, and give you a couple of three-pointers. Shumpert, Jefferson, and Channing Frye are both good defenders that can shoot the ball. Let’s not forget the hottest three-point shooter on the team J. R. Smith will have the green light again.Even coaching wise Tyronn Lue is better than the Hawks.

Even with Brian Windhorst’s Report that Lebron’s Jumper is broken. We can see him get better as the playoffs go on, watch out.


Bottom line the Hawks don’t stand a chance.

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Spurs Set Tone


Okay, so did you watch the game last night? Spurs vs. Okc last night was a complete shame. The box score of 124-92 doesn’t tell you anything at all really. This game was a statement game, a clinic put on by the Spurs. Everybody that watches basketball knows that OKC doesn’t play defense. They win games by putting up big scores on fast-breaks and shooting. Not against the Spurs though, lol, a team built on defense first.

Then on top of all of that you have the Defensive Player of the Year 2 years running. Guarding both of Okc’s top guys in Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook. He switched the entire the game on both of them, giving them different looks. They  combined for 11-34 in points a horrible game for the both of them. No team’s top two guys all-stars can win with a stat line like that. The game was literally over by the middle of the second quarter, with Aldridge scoring 38 points in 30 minutes. The Spurs starters literally only needed to play the first half, and on top of a blowout you gave the Spurs extra rest. How can you not think that these boys won’t get swepted?

It’s game over for Okc, I can at best give them 5 games. Stick the fork in them!!



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